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Here we will talk about top 10 most expensive armoured vehicles in the world. All the famous personalities and some big businessmen need full proof security as they are in a competitive world and have millions of enemies from which they need to be protected. This world is full of danger as there are many dangers for the person like criminals, kidnappers, thief, etc. These armoured vehicles are the luxury of the most influential people and the people who can afford them as well. These armoured vehicles are the best option for the people who wanted to be safe on roads and are very rich as well so that they can spend for their security. These vehicles are made with bulletproof glass, pure steel, etc. Mostly these kinds of vehicles are used by the army official as they travel with the arms and have danger on the roads. These cars are not only safe but luxurious as well. All of these cars are a very high class. They are made in attractive designs that attract the people, and they select these cars for them. Many famous brands of the cars are making these armoured vehicles in the world.
The following are top 10 armoured cars in the world:

1010. Lexus LS 460 L:


Lexus LS 460 is the best combination of the security and design as well. It is perfectly made with many armored and non-armored features. It is designed and made by INKAS which is the security manufacturing brand and has produced many best bulletproof vehicles in the world. It is very heavyweight yet fast car. Lexus LS 460 has an engine that has 8-speed transmissions. It provides the best security from bullets and grenade as well due to the material used to make it safe. Lexus LS 460 has looked like normal luxurious cars that nobody can judge that it is a highly armored car. The price of this car is almost $300K.

99. BMW 750 Li Sedan:


BMW is very famous car brand in the whole world for its hottest luxurious cars. These armored cars are made in collaboration with the international armoring company with BMW, which makes these amazing security cars. This 750Li Sedan is a V8 and is a very powerful car. Mostly armored cars are designed for the protection of the back seat but this specific model makes the whole car safe from different attacks. Even its many important parts are also protected like fuel tank, radiator, etc. its wheels are also protected so that they may not cause any harm. The price of this BMW 750 Li Sedan is $340K.

88. Cadillac Escalade ESV:


Cadillac Escalade ESV is very powerful and secure car that is fully loaded. The interior of this car is full of luxuries that are like pure leather seats, office equipment, large LED screens, etc. It is the best car for people wanted to enjoy safety and luxuries at the same time. It has ballistic protection on its sides of steel that completely protects it. It also has some ballistic features for maximum protection of the car and people in it. Cadillac Escalade ESV is available at the high price tag of $350K.

77. Mercedes-Benz S-Guard:


Mercedes-Benz is a very famous name in the world of cars for their luxurious features. It is one of the most famous armored vehicle available in the market that is expensive as well as its price is $400K. The look of the car is very stylish and has luxurious features in it. It is very safe even under serious attacks as well. It has the capability that it can even stop the fire of M60 machineguns as well. It has its oxygen system for all the people inside it. The glass windows of Mercedes Benz S-guard are also made bullet proof to keep them safe.

66. Knight XV:


Knight XV is the brand that is leading in terms of armored vehicles and is their largest producer as well. It is very rare kind of car which was made in limited quantity that was only 100 cars. It has V10 engine, stylish design and highly protected as well. The covering of this car is transparent and visible as well which protects it. It is made of steel and aluminum that made it strong. It feels like a walking luxury hotel that is made with best features. It has many facilities like a black box, entertainment features, TV, heated seats, etc. The price of Knight VX is $629K that is very expensive, but rich people can afford it for their security.

55. Huron APC:


Huron APC is a car that has a different design and has the shape that it more looks like an armored car. It cannot be harm easily as it is very powerful and strong which can be seen through its design and shape as well. It is made of heavy ammunition and is massive which makes it safe in attacks. It also has a machine gun located on its roof which can be operated by a person sitting in the car. It is designed for the military official to be used privately. It has the capacity that security team can sit in this car easily. The price of this Huron APC is $630K.

44. Audi A8 Security:


Audi is the name of luxury and style as well. The name of the car shows that it is made for the security of the person. It is fully loaded armored car that no one will notice due to its normal design. It is made with special aluminum alloys and bulletproof standards as well. It is made by the specialized worker in the very safe place. It is very time taking a process that it needs 400 for the completion of its components. Audi A8 is customized and made to the needs of the buyers that increase the price as well. The price of Audi A8 is $700K.

33. Mercedes Benz G63 AMG:


Mercedes Benz G63 AMG is considered as the best equipped armored car available in the whole world. It is made by the INKAS, and both internal and external features take the car to the next level of security because of its luxuries. Its seats are made with pure black leather, bulletproof glass, cameras, etc. It can protect the person from all types of attacks like fuel tank, exterior all are protected. It makes the passengers fully protected. The price of Mercedes Benz G63 AMG is $1, Million.

22. Cadillac One “The Beast”:


Cadillac One is more famous in the world with the name The Beast as it is a highly protected car. It was used as a transport for the President of USA. The price of this car is almost $1.5 million. It is made with many luxurious features like oxygen supply, extra weapons, fire system and fuel tank is also protected. It is made with steel, titanium and aluminum as well. It has the best communication system as the president of USA travel in this car which shows the security of this car.

11. Kombat T98:


Kombat T98 was designed by the Russian Manufacturer Dartz for the high price tag of $1.5 million. It is considered as most expensive armored vehicle available in the whole world. It is very luxurious, and the whole interior is made of matte black leather. It is mostly used by the European princesses and Russian politicians for their security. Kombat T98 has the gauges that are enhanced with diamonds and windows are gold plated.

List of Most Expensive Armoured Vehicles

1 Kombat T98 $ 1.5 Million
2 Cadillac One “The Beast” $ 1.5 Million
3 Mercedes Benz 663 AMG $ 1 Million
4 Audi A8 Security $ 700000
5 Huron APC $ 630000
6 Knight XV $ 629000
7 Mercedes Benz S-Guard $ 400000
8 Cadillac Escalade ESV $ 350000
9 BMW 750 Li Sedan $ 340000
10 Lexus LS 460 L $ 300000


The above ranking of the armored cars is given according to the price of those cars because the article is about the most expensive armored vehicles in the world. All of them are very luxurious and belongs to famous car brands in the world. These are very stylish and fully protected for the safety of passengers. Some of them look like the normal cars but are bullet proof cars for the safety. These are very expensive that only rich people can afford them for their safety.


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